OCR BEAST Challenge Week June - CARRY

On Monday, we started up the next iteration of the OCR BEAST Challenge. The last OCR BEAST Challenge, which consisted of dead hanging throughout the month of December, was a hit. Over two thousand participated, we got people out of their comfort zones, and increased their obstacle abilities coming into a new season.

We wanted to continue the challenge in more of an ongoing fashion, but realize 1. month long challenges are a big commitment, both for participants, and for us to make sure people stay on board over the course of a whole month, and 2. that just doesn't work with normal training plans, races, vacations, etc.

We kicked off OCR BEAST Challenge Week a couple of days ago, which in a nutshell, is 3 challenges over the course of 7 days. One of those challenges is something you do every day, and the other two are 1x challenges, and it starts the first Monday of the month. If you want the full details, click here: http://ocrbeast.co/challenge-week.

That brings us to the CARRY challenge.

The challenges are broken up into 3 categories: CLIMB, CARRY, & CONQUER. This month's CARRY challenge is a 1x max effort, carry a 70 lb bucket (50 lb for ladies) as far as you can without putting it down.

The CARRY Challenge is sponsored by Ascent Protein, and we have a prize pack of Ascent Pre-workout, Ascent Protein, and shaker bottle to someone that takes on the CARRY Challenge, and posts about it on Instagram with #OCRBEASTChallenge (we pick at random from the entries).

Christopher and I took on the challenge Tuesday, and it was TOUGH! But, it's better to smile (and laugh) through the pain. We had the cameras rolling while we competed against each other, and overall it was a great workout. I don't think either us expected it was going to last that long... with Christopher getting 3 laps, and me getting 6 (or 1.57 miles on my watch). If you've always wanted to watch people get delirious talking to themselves while carrying a bucket... enjoy!