Add Hangs to Your Workout

This week's Giveaway Challenge (as a part of the OCR Beast Dead Hang Challenge) is "How do you add Hangs to your Workout?" powered by Clean Ride.

While I'm sure we're all capable of coming up with some good ones, I figured I'd share a couple of the workouts we're programming into our Train with Purpose athletes' schedules this week!

dead hang

Workout #1 - Dead Hang & Plank Tabatas

This one works as a good start to a workout or a burner at the end. A tabata is basically 4 minutes, or 8 rounds of 20 seconds "on", and 10 seconds "off". Alternating back and forth for the full 4 minutes.

This one works perfectly for today (Day 19 - 4:00), but otherwise, you'l likely just have a short hang to finish out the duration at the end, as this workout has you hanging for exactly 4 minutes.

Tabata #1

Dead Hang is the "On" portion
High plank is the "Off" portion

So, it is 20 second dead hang immediately into 10 second high plank, repeat x 8.

Tabata #2

Low plank is the "On" portion
Dead hang is the "Off" portion

20 second low plank immediately into 10 second dead hang, repeat x 8.

Obviously, you don't want to take 10 seconds transitioning between the movements, so I normally looked for a 1 second transition, and to take that 1 second from the plank vs the dead hang.

This is why the high plank works better in my opinion for the first tabata, as a 10 second plank trying to go down to your elbows then back up to a dead hang each time lengthens that transition.

Workout #2

This one is fun (because any workout with burpees is automatically just THAT much better 😉 ).

10 Rounds:
1 minute max burpees
straight into X dead hang
90 second rest between sets

X = total dead hang needed for the day divided by 10.

BUT, here's the fun part. Commit to a certain number of burpees you have to hit each round (and pick it before you start the workout so you don't go easy on yourself!). A few weeks ago Train with Purpose athletes did a 5 minute burpee test, and when I programmed this workout for them, I basically am taking their number of burpees in 5 minutes / 5, and maybe minus a rep or two depending. So pick a challenging, but realistic goal, and commit to it!

IF you don't hit your number in any of the rounds, you do... more burpees! As a penalty. If you don't hit your target number of burpees, you do 5 penalty burpees for every round you missed, once the workout is completed. Then, if you don't hit the target dead hang time, you do 2 penalty burpees for every round you missed it once the workout is completed (plus make up the remaining dead hang time). here's a real life example:

Athlete A has to do at least 12 burpees every minute. She's doing it on Day 21 - 4:20 hang, so divided by 10 is a 26 second hang.

On the first 5 rounds, she does 12 burpees, and her 26 second hang each time.

On the next 3 rounds, she hits her 12 burpees, but can't do the full 26 second hangs.

On the remaining 2 rounds, she misses both her 12 burpee target, and the 26 second hangs.

Her penalty burpees = 2 + 2 + 2 + 7 + 7 = 20 additional burpees.

PUSH YOURSELF and hit the goals.

Planning on trying either of these out? Let me know! I'd love to here how you did! (Tag me @spartan_spencer on Instagram).

Want help deciding how many burpees to do, or want to know more about online coaching? Shoot me a message on Instagram @spartan_spencer, or email me at

Happy hanging!