2019 Boston Marathon

Today, I ran the Boston Marathon.

I have to start off by saying… that I can’t believe I just said that. Most things in life tend to happen gradually, which make things like achievements, and progress not seem quite as monumental as when you look at them in terms of years (kind of like looking in the mirror every day vs seeing photos of yourself over the last 5 years. Daily you may not notice any changes, but looking year by year there is a big difference). This was one of the first eyeopening experiences that stopped me in my tracks and just made me think “holy shit - I’ve come a long way”.

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My First Ultra Beast

With September fast approaching, I've been seeing more and more posts coming out about the Killington Ultra Beast— and it's got me thinking back to my first Ultra Beast last summer. While it was not the Killington UB that I completed, I do have some experience with the Vermont course. I ran the Killington Beast twice, back when it was the World Championship course (and I do keep meaning to have a reunion with that mountain at some point, maybe next year?)...

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